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    100% Cage Free Care


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    • Pack Life 24/7
    • Certified K-9 Attendants
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    Est. 1999

  • Sleepovers at Planet Pooch

    Overnight Care With Real Humans

    Planet Pooch Certified K-9 Attendants spend every night in the bed with our overnight boarders so your pooch is never alone and never caged.

  • From Happy Owners

    Jenna and Roms Review

    Jenna and Roms

    Over the last couple of years, my dog has gone to daycare here at least 3x a week and stays overnight here any time I go out of town. He has strong bonds with each of the employees, which makes me feel really comfortable. I also love that he isn't put in a kennel when he stays overnight like most other places. . . read more on Facebook

    Indy and Family Review

    Indy and Family

    I wish I could give Planet Pooch, the owner Dan, and his entire staff TEN stars! We found PP after trying another doggie daycare and finding it was too much of a rough and tumble place for our rescued bait dog. We had also tried two different puppy schools and hired two different private trainers to try and help our pup overcome his fear. . . read more on Facebook

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    When we’re not cuddling or giving generous pets to your adorable pooch, we enjoy interacting with you, hearing your stories, and showing off our new canine guests as they bound around Planet Pooch.

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